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It seems to me, and correct me if I may be wrong, that the youth move is in
the Communities that are more known for stretching the limits. 

At one time that was San Francisco but that was before the Dot Com revulsion
drove rent prices into the stratosphere. Berkeley area has and still is a on
the edge and stretches the limits and very likely with young folkies. 

Los Angeles is a huge metropolis and who knows where or what is happening
there. There may be an about to huge movement of LA youth in Folk Music in
the LA area and we would not know it until it explodes.

In Austin, Boston, North Carolina to name a few we are seeing some of the
youth movement. Here in California we are as well but not so prominent. 

Joe Craven spoke of Warren Helmen and what is now the largest music festival
in the US, the "Hardly Strictly Bluegrass" festival in San Francisco which
this year drew over 750,000 people. Warren finances that festival and it is
free, no venders no underwriters, just music and several stages.

It is Folk Music at its best, albeit not at all intimate. It is more
Woodstock without the drugs  and lack of organization than a folk festival.
Warren is doing more to introduce people to this music than any other person
I can think of. However few have any idea that it is that Folkin Music. What
they know is that it is damn good music.

I think Warren has done more to bring the youth into folk music than anyone
alive today.

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> For my shows, I seem to have a hard time getting younger people into
> the audience.  However, that's not to say that younger people aren't
> enjoying folk music.  The Stillwater is a bar that brings in many
> styles, including folk music.  Caldera Tap House is a new venue that
> bought an old venue.  Their lease says they can only have acoustic
> music.
> Ashland has become a retirement mecca and the gray hairs out number
> the younger people at everything -- theater, symphony, personal
> growth lectures, etc.  Traveling to the North West Folk Festival in
> Seattle is a totally different experience.  There is 17 stages of
> music and
> 20,000 people for 4 days.  The acts are many ages.  The audience is
> babies on up.  Plus, there are many, many people playing on the
> sidewalks. I've seen groups of kids playing fiddle and a group of
> very stoned 20-somethings playing old time music.
> There is a small group of young 20s musicians playing old time music
> on the street in Ashland.  Just wish they didn't smoke.  One even
> plays the washtub base.
> I think it's also true that younger musicians know how to use social
> networking better.  I've seen myspace pages with 25,000 friends and
> facebook pages with 5,000.
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