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Wed Nov 11 18:22:25 EST 2009

I'm with Michael Kelly on this.  I saw quite a number of "younger"  
people attending the conference and performing and I'm surprised to  
hear people speak to the contrary.

Having said this, we can always use more younger people and I'm all  
in favor of outreach to younger artists.  At the very least, they  
have much to learn from older, more experienced artists.  And often  
I'm amazed at the talent from some of these younger artists.

FAR-West has always stressed diversity and inclusiveness and I think  
this is exceptionally important and a key to our success.  We need to  
continue to reach out to under-represented segments of our musical  

By the way Michael, it was great to see Sligo Rags at the conference.

Russ Paris
Russ & Julie's House Concerts

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On Nov 11, 2009, at 2:15 PM, Fiddlin4you at aol.com wrote:

> Umm, maybe I'm missing something here.  Sure, a lot of us older  folks
> attended the conference (I'm including meself in this category,  
> although I
> really HATE thinking 43 yrs old is "older").  And this was Sligo  
> Rags'  first
> time at FAR-West, so I haven't any previous experience with which to
> contrast.  BUT . . . I saw a lot of 20-30 somethings upstairs for  
> the PGS,
> especially singer/songwriter types such as Amanda West.  And I saw  
> a  fabulous
> family band (I believe their name is Koehler??? sorry if I have  
> that  wrong).
> Does Molly's Revenge fit into the "I hope I'm still continent"   
> category?  How
> about the "Syncopaths"?  I think there was quite a bit  more youth
> attending the conference than some might have noticed . . .  
> perhaps  because folks
> tended to hang with the crowd they were more comfortable and   
> familiar with.
> In keeping with the Joe Craven admonition, perhaps we should go  
> outside our
>  comfort zone (limitation?) and make a point to create new  
> associations
> with the  younger set.  Old folkies may have outnumbered the  
> youngsters at the
> conference this year, but (from my perspective) not by much.
> Michael Kelly
> Sligo Rags (Celtic Bluegrass Fusion)
> _www.sligorags.com_ (http://www.sligorags.com)
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