[FAR-West] showcase slot

Dave Morrison davymeboy at earthlink.net
Sun Nov 1 04:41:56 EST 2009

Hi Karl,

I'm just confirming that I am on with you at 2:30 Friday. Too bad the open slot is at three, or I would grab it. Probably be wrong to be there two slots in a row though. I'd take it though, and have an in-the-round with a couple others if you don't have anyone else.

I haven't sent you money yet. Okay if I just give it to you in person? I have the cash set aside.

Been a bit hectic here. My father died this morning. But all will be on track by Friday.

Looking forward to meeting you and making music.

Yours, dave

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>I just had a cancellation for a 3pm friday slot in my room.  If anybody still
>needs a spot, get back to me.
>Karl Smiley
>smifair at casco.net
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