[FAR-West] Major Producers, Kernels of truth and General mayhem

William Schwall wilshwal at efn.org
Sun Jan 25 18:46:54 EST 2009

Interesting thread. Thanks, Steve, for raising it, and Joel for your  
(as usual, buddy) good sense.  For my two scents (still thinking  
about that banjo perfume) I think we should all think about what we  
say about ourselves.  Remember, dear sibs, it's all about the work,  
not whatever bling, tinsel & glitz we choose to hang on it.
    For me, when I read someone telling me that they have the genius  
of Joni Mitchell, the chutzpah of Ani Di Franco and the oratorical  
skills of Stephen Douglas I'm immediately put off. And the "bastard  
love child" one bothers me, mostly because a love child IS a bastard  
and we shouldn't be redundant. We all know we write this stuff  
ourselves, so if we use the word "genius" to describe ourselves isn't  
it a bit over the top?
     Maybe we should all get real and write i the first person.  
Whaddya think?
BTW, I'm not trying to criticize any performer here, just discuss  
what we all do as fellow travelers on a long road.



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