[FAR-West] -s- Re: Portland

Ariella St. Clair astclair at mind.net
Wed Oct 18 00:11:58 EDT 2006

As much as I would love to have Far-West in Ashland, getting here is  
not easy.  Airfare is much more expensive.  The nearest airport is  
Medford, about 20 minutes away.  Medford is a possibility, except the  
same issue of airfare.

There is only one hotel in Ashland that could accommodate a large  
conference and that's the Windmill Inn of Ashland.  It's not downtown  
but they do run shuttles.

The Oregon Shakespeare Festival does not do shows in November.  It  
runs February through October. It has two indoor theaters and one  
outdoor theater.

I would recommend Eugene if not Portland.  However, I think there  
must be hotels in Portland that can accommodate a conference like ours.

Ariella St. Clair
St. Clair Productions
PO Box 835, Ashland, OR 97520

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